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Hey! My name is Tia Lynn and I am the owner of StaticThreads that started back in 2014. I've always had a love for fashion and started creating my own halloween costumes and ugly Christmas sweaters years ago. I'd always get asked who made them and then people started asking for custom designs. 

After Adding my items on Etsy they started to sell and once I started selling my Ugly Christmas Sweaters and hiring my first business coach back in 2017 I turned Static Threads into a real business and LLC. 
I create unique and custom designs to help you share your personality and style and feel confident.  I love creating unique and intricate designs and I put heart and soul into every order.  Static Threads is created to help express yourself and bring your personality to life.  I want everyone to be themselves and feel confident in their own skin! 
Dare to Stand Out with Static Threads
Tia Campbell
Founder of Static Threads
Static Threads About Us
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Tia Lynn - staticthreads1@gmail.com
Etsy DM staticthreads1.etsy.com