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Static Threads About Us

Hey everyone! My name is Tia and I am the owner of StaticThreads that started back in 2014. I create unique and custom designs to help you share your personality and style and feel confident.  I love creating unique and intricate designs and I put heart and soul into every order.  Static Threads is created to help express yourself and bring your personality to life.  I want everyone to be themselves and feel confident in their own skin! 

Ever since I was little I would draw out fashion designs of clothing and always wanted to be a fashion designer. I wore outrageously bright clothes growing up that are comical to look back on. O ver the years I ended up getting into EDM and started going to music festivals. I loved the culture and the awesome outfits I saw. My first festival I made myself a bra and tutu. I got a lot of compliments and I started making a new outfit for every festival. People always seemed astonished that I made it. People started asking me to make their outfits which led me to Etsy and now my own fashion line with my love of the holidays and being silly. 

Dare to Stand Out with Static Threads


Tia Campbell

Founder of Static Threads