Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

The time is here to get FESTIVE and spread your holiday cheer to all who is near! It doesn't even have to be at a party, you can just where fun holiday items to the mall, store, events, Christmas Parties and of course those Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties!


10 best ugly christmas sweater ideas

We have the best compiled list of Christmas Sweaters and holiday items to stand out from the competition and spread holiday cheer to everyone!

Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Best Couple Ugly Christmas Sweaters:

couples christmas sweaters

Let everyone know who’s your plus one with this festive women’s Feel the Joy sweater accompanied with this funny men’s Jingle my Bells sweater. You can either DIY these sweaters with dollar store materials or check out these high quality pre-made sweaters on the attached links.

The Top Selling Christmas Bow Skirt:

womens christmas sweater dress

Let everyone know that you are a gift with this original Christmas Bow Skirt! This merry skirt can be styled in so many ways, I personally love to pair it with black boots, sheer tights and turtleneck. This is a great option to still look cute and feminine at an ugly Christmas sweater party! Multiple Bow Skirt colors and sizes are available, with popular holiday colors like blue, white, silver, red and black.

Christmas bow skirt and santa dress


Turn into a Christmas TREE sweater!

christmas tree sweater

This Christmas Tree Sweater is the perfect top for people whose favorite month is December! The ultra soft base is decorated with shiny tinsel, adorable bows, and festive ornaments. To complete the look, hold a star above your head or make a headband so it stays the whole night! This sweater is sure to take home first place at any Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

“Where my ho’s at?” Couples Sweater Duo

couples naughty christmas sweaters

Santa Baby who? Guys can keep it real with this holiday long-sleeve that asks the whole party, Where my ho’s at?. Get the matching women’s Santa’s Favorite Ho sweater to let everyone know that you’ve been on the naughty list all year. Get all your hos in the Christmas spirit- just don’t let them know you bought more than one!

Unexpected “Kiss me under the Mistletoe” Sweater

couples naughty christmas sweaters

If you are a person that dares to be a little naughty you can get the “Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe” Sweater. But this time, the mistletoe isn’t over a door frame! Bring this to an ugly Christmas sweater contest to get lucky, or wear it to a Christmas office party so you can let your boss know where to suck it! Available in Mens and Womens on high quality, soft material.

Are you a Ho Ho Ho for the Holidays?

mean girls christmas sweater

Are you a slut for the holiday season? Let loose with this funny girly "Ho Ho Ho for the Holidays" Christmas sweater! Pair it with our Christmas bow skirts to complete the ultimate look. This will definitely make you stand out.

When You're Better than Anything Under the Tree

mens christmas sweater

It can be hard work being the best person in all your friend’s and family’s life- remind them to be grateful with the I’m the gift” Ugly Christmas Sweater. This classic holiday pattern perfectly blends in the funny secret message. Appropriate for family and work.

i'm the gift christmas sweater womens

One for all the Meghan Trainer Fans...

meghan trainor christmas sweater cardigan

Its every designer's dream to have their work featured by a celebrity, and that dream came true for me one fateful Holiday Season. The world famous singer is really wearing MY custom Ugly Christmas Cardigan, her photographer reached out and had me make her a custom design and make it EXTRA and FESTIVA AF which turned into her very own Three Piece Lingerie SET and Christmas Cardigan Outfit! This festive lingerie and cardigan actually wound up on her Christmas Album!!!!!

meghan trainor christmas album

This outfit consists of a cute two piece black lingerie set hat is covered in adorable mini bows, lined with a festive garland. To top it off, I've added this over the top, jolly black cardigan that is absolutely covered with Christmas joy. 

What if Christmas Isn't Apart of YOUR Holiday Season?

hannukah jewish sweater


Do you celebrate Hanukkah but got invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?-- here is the solution for you! The Nice Naughty Jewish Sweater comes pre-marked to let everyone know that you’ll be celebrating more than one holiday during the winter season.

So I hope this helps you find your holiday cheer and you can spread the JOY to all who is near! Shop our Ugly Christmas Sweaters here!