15 Best Festival Tips: Great Tips for EDC and other festivals

 Tips for EDC and other Festivals

Get some of the best festival tips to use on your next event! I seriously wish someone told me these or I actually did them on my last festival. These are some basic tips but also some tips that made my life better than ever and I was so glad I thought of, SEE PRO TIP at the bottom! 
So I want to start by saying that these tips are for anyone, not just newbies. I am not a "pro-raver", but these tips are just things I have learned along the way on my many festivals and wanted to pass along to help you guys have the best time possible. These tips work for many festivals, whether it's EDC LV, Coachella, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Escape, Nocturnal Wonderland, or any other festival. 

  1.  Meeting Spots and Times:   If you have a group of people or even just one friend, you may get lost and it is good to have a meeting spot (just in case) that is specific and easy to find if that happens. I had a very large group of awesome people going this last year so we made meeting spots at and specific times to meet before sets that a majority of people wanted to see so we could make sure and enjoy it together. Tip - it does take a while to get to the meeting spot, so plan accordingly and make it next to something that is easy to find. Our meeting spot was also close to the Neon Garden stage last year because it is a less busy stage that many of us liked to go chill at. :D 

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  3. Get Familiar with SetupBefore you start partying too hard and losing your mind, it's a good idea to figure out the lay of the land; figure out where your meeting spot is, bathrooms, favorite stages, water stations, etc. :D  Get there a little early and walk around and find your favorite stages and get familiar. That way if you do get really tired or out of it you can find your way, ESPECIALLY at a camping festival!! Let's just say I learned from a bad experience. It also looks different at night so this is very important!       

  4. Bring a FAN and/or Spray Bottle: I have been to several festivals but never brought a fan or spray bottle!!!  All the wonderful people spraying me or fanning me in the crowd.. I LOVE YOU!! This was a tip that I wish someone shared with me this past EDC Festival. It seems like commons sense... but watch you may not do it and wish you did.  If you do bring one... Share the love! <3 
  5. PACE YOURSELF:  I cannot say this enough! EDC, Burning Man, Coachella, Electric Forest, etc. these are not short events. It is not a sprint. You want to enjoy and last through the entire event. Don't drink so much when you first get there (or pre-game) that by the end of the night you already have a hangover and can't enjoy the rest of the night (spoken from someone who did that the first day EDC 2016). I learned my lesson though and the next two nights I went harder as the night went on and didn't come to EDC already turnt.  Also, don't get too impatient, good things come to those who wait. No your limits. 
  6. Bring Unopened Items - Powdered Drinks, Gum, Lip Balm: Oh man, how I could have used ibuprofen the first night when I was having a hangover during the festival and had to last 3 more hours. Also, bring unopened items like maybe pre-workout, emergen-C, sports drink powder, gum, and lip balm just to name a few items that may come in handy. :D Some of those powdered drink mixes with electrolytes and vitamins will be great to keep you going. I brought a random sample of pre workout and when my friend was dying and so tired it definitely came in handy. 
  7. Don't Forget to EAT: Remember to replenish your body. Especially if you are in the heat of the summer and in Las Vegas, California, or other hot locations. You are burning so many calories dancing and sweating more, you need to remember to eat. Since you are dancing all your food away be sure to eat a good substantial meal at least before the festival if you aren't a big fan of eating during. If you can't get down food, get a smoothie or one of those awesome chocolate covered bananas. :D
  8. Look Out for One Another: PLUR! People, please we are at an amazing event and some people are newbies or just raged too hard. Please help out one another! If you see someone that is passing out or is unresponsive... don't just look at them while their friends lay them down... to possibly die. If they are in need of assistance and not responsive, take the initiative and get them to HELP! IT isn't hard. Grab people around you and then tell people to make way for the unresponsive person. People care and will move! You may be saving a life, I watched it happen and learned what to do. 
  9. PRO Trick!  So this is something I figured out by the last day and it just made the end of the festival that much better. Bring a cooler with ice and put it in your trunk with drinks and refreshments to get back to after raging for hours!! :D Oh boy this idea made getting out of the parking lot so much better. The two first days we would get to the car and be panting for water, refreshments, etc. and have to wait in the parking lot for hours... so... BEST. ADVICE. EVER. Made the ride home enjoyable.
  10. Make Prior Arrangements: Make sure that if you do get separated to tell your friends what to do when the festival ends. Pretty much what I did and would recommend, is if you are going to stay the whole time, meet at the car after it is done and Yoila! You could have a meeting place in the festival too, but if you are staying the whole time, getting out of the festival takes forever for EDC so it would make sense to meet at the car.

    Top is available in store and headband 

  11. Wear Comfortable, Yet Fashionable, Dance Wear: Be prepared to dance, sweat, and rage your booty off!!! So wear comfortable clothing to dance in! For me jeans hurt, so I wear nice polyester stretchy booty shorts or something similar. You can definitely wear some of the cutest rave wear and be comfortable. The picture above is super comfortable for me and also made by StaticThreads, it is a Flower headband to keep my hair back or even tuck in once it's sweaty and a bra made by StaticThreads that is cute and cool.  For men, I heard a great tip is to use baby powder to prevent chaffing while dancing in certain areas. :P
  12. Get Water and Use Restroom BEFORE Your Favorite Set: You would think this is common sense but lots of times people don't then they get all the way up to the front to be dying from thirst or having to use the restroom. So just remember to try to plan accordingly. Also, don't chug your water. Unless you haven't had water in hours you will most likely be fine sipping on it for your favorite sets.
  13. Checklist with Your Whole Crew Before Leaving: Take a few moments before leaving to check important items and make sure everyone has their ticket/ wristband, cell phone, ID, money and maybe even cell charger before leaving. Those few extra moments may save the day. If someone leaves an important item like an ID or wristband it can kill the vibes for everyone especially make it to EDC before finding out. 
  14. Wear Comfy Shoes: DO NOT WEAR HEELS!  You not only look silly and like you don't belong, but how are you going to last....? Save the heels for the clubs.  Don't just wear shoes that are comfy for a couple hours walking; wear shoes that will last for 6 plus hours of dancing and moving! I would not recommend flip flops or dainty sandals without much cushion, they may be comfy for walking in the day but dancing and staying in them all night will not work well. I recommend toms, tennis shoes, some people like converse.. etc.   The light up shoes shown above are from Nancy Neon and I've heard they are really comfy and really fun too. 
  15. Don't Forget Sunscreen: Sunburns are not cute or comfortable and getting a sunburn on the first day will make the rest of the trip uncomfortable. For EDC, you don't need sunscreen at the festival, but you definitely need it during the day in the scorching heat.  You definitely need sunscreen for day festivals like Ultra, Tomorrow World, Coachella, Electric Forest, etc. Don't Forget and Reapply! 
  16. Allow Yourself to Wander Off Alone:  You don't always have to stay with your group. Some of my favorite times were when I left my group to go see a set they didn't care for or went off on an adventure to a different part of the festival. It's fun to rave with your buddies, but it also awesome to go off alone and maybe meet new people and find yourself. Just have your meet up spot or set time to meet back up.