Halloween Festival Outfit Ideas - What to wear to a Halloween Festival

halloween festival outfit ideas


What to wear to a Halloween Rave? 

A Halloween rave like Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape Circus, Get Freaky are just a few festivals that are super popular and fun. Halloween festivals give you the opportunity to express yourself but be someone else so here are some tips for your next Halloween festival.

Make sure to research the weather of where you are attending your next festival, it's not always sunny in California or cold in New York. You definitely want to be prepared on the weather front. 

For the Halloween festivals I attended you can pretty much wear whatever you want. You can pair up your favorite festival shorts and bottoms  with some awesome accessories to make it more of a themed costume or you can just go all in and get some elaborate custom designs made just for you! I recommend you go all out for Halloween, add all the bells and whistles. 

Static Threads is all about daring to stand out so our recommendations is to go all in and get the best makeup, rhinestones to add onto your makeup, accessories, shoes, and the best costumes. 

Definitely still wear comfortable shoes like your favorite toms, sneakers, converse, or comfortable flats. 

There will be plenty of people dressed up and if you don't go all in you will wish you did. 

It's a festival anyways, so have fun! 


We have some great Halloween Festival Costume Ideas that are very popular. 


Disney Princess Themed Festival Outfits 

There are so many different ideas and costumes to choose from if you want to be a Disney princess. There's jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Little Mermaid, Frozen, and so many more. So choose the Disney princess you've always wanted to be. 

You could come as a Disney Princess - there's Belle from Beauty and the Beast with the satin yellow outfit and matching accessories. This was a requested item from one of my past clients and we brought her idea to life. It looked amazing. 


Go check out this festival going goddess on instagram - 

halloween rave outfit ideas

Kim Kardashian's Mermaid Costume - Sexy Festival Mermaid Bra 

kim kardashian mermaid costume, kim kardashian mermaid costume

This is such a sexy costume that you can wear to your favorite festival with a shorter skirt or bottoms or a full on skirt. DM us on Etsy if you are interested in your own custom bra -  The long skirt may be hard to do a full on rave with. :P 


mermaid rave bra

This custom bra is available in our shop and we have multiple mermaid styles and you can choose a different color scheme if you like too. The high waisted bottoms would be much easier to wear at a festival. Reach out to us for the full outfit and any customization needs on Etsy! 


jasmine rave bra, jasmine festival outfit

Jasmine is a sexy and sultry Disney princess to choose, you can order the Jasmine Rave bra with the short skirt or request a longer skirt. 

mermaid rave bra, mermaid sexy costume

I don't think the festival will allow you to bring in a fork, maybe if it's just a plastic one. This costume is super intricate and when you order a custom mermaid bra you are going to stand out with your sparkles, real seashells, pearls next to the basic mermaid costumes that come in stores. 


Order here - Mermaid Collection or order and message me on Etsy for more details, I am very responsive.  - 



Popular Villains and Superheros 

batman rave bra, halloween festival bra

Villains and super heros are always popular and fun. You can decide to be your favorite villain and let the bad side out of you or be the good guy. I love Halloween and usually like to be something that I'm not. Villains are always fun. 

sexy poison ivy costume, poison ivy rave bra

Poison Ivy is one of the sexiest costumes, especially for Halloween. She's got the sultry, seductive look and the green goes so sexy with red hair or a wig. 

Order this Poison Ivy outfit from our shop, it has ivy leaves and we can make it in several different customizations. We do it on a bustier for more coverage or have more leaves on the front. 

harlequinn rave bra, joker rave outfit

Joker and Harleyquin costumes are so much fun, you can pair it with the crazy hair colors and make up and fun accessories. I just love them. We created a really gorgeous Harlequin Bra that has gold metal accents, rhinestones, and Daddy's Lil Girl script. 

You can also request different Harlequin styles to bring your idea to life. 

Iron man rave bra

This Iron Man festival bra was so fun to bring to life. It has shiny fabric and gold accents to make it look like Iron Man. It also lights up in the middle. When thinking of what to be try to do things that not everyone else is doing. When you order a custom design you can request specifications to keep it super unique. 


Alice in Wonderland Characters: 

Alice in Wonderland is a classic and has been brought to life, year after year. This Alice in Wonderland was one of my first costumes I made for myself and then it got really popular. I'm all about simplicity, but if you want more rhinestone and embellishments let me know and I can customize an awesome Alice in Wonderland rave bra or costume. 


alice in wonderland sexy costume, alice rave bra


Mad hatter is so fun to step into character with. You can be the crazy one this Halloween with the best bright clothing, makeup, and outfits. We've done several versions of the mad hatter with a whole bunch of different colors and ideas. Check out one of them - 


Mad Hatter is so fun because you can pick and choose which colors to wear. We love all the bright colors and we've also done different options with a more dark theme with gold, forest green, and burnt orange. 


mad hatter rave outfit





STAR WARS Themed Festival Outfits: 

darth vader rave bra

Turn to the dark side with this Darth Vader Festival Bra / outfit. It has a full wrap around straps and metallic and black fabric on the sides of the bottoms. This would be a great lingerie set for an avid Star Wars fan. 

star wars costume, r2d2 rave bra


R2D2 Costume for your next Halloween festival will be super unique and original, you could also wear it to the next Star Wars party! Do you go to those? 


Yeah me either, but this festival outfit has been one of my top selling items. It was also one of my first items I made and sold!!! Check out the r2d2 outfit 


You can choose the bustier and short or long tutu or the bra and tutu for your next event. 


I've also done a festival bra inspired by BB8 robot. 


Click here to check out more inspiration and Halloween costumes and accessories. 


r2d2 costume, r2d2 sexy costume, star wars rave outfit